Restaurant Menu

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# 1 Punjabi Samosa 
Vegetarian "Punjabi" samosas with mint and
tamarind chutney on the side
# 2 Bhuna Samosa
Minced lamb samosas with mint chutney
#3 Guleri Khumb
Big stuffed mushrooms with paneer, almond
and pistachios


# 10 Tomato Sorba
Delicius tomato cream with  paneer cheese
# 11 Jhahagiri Sorba
Healing coriander and sour lamb soup


# 20 Murgh Seekh Kebab
Ground spiced minced chicken seekh kebab from
the tandoor
# 21 Dum Ke Jhinge
Saffron marinated shrimp stuffed with cheese, baked in the tandoor
# 22 Lucknowi Prawns
Prawns marinated with star anis curd cream
# 23 Tandoori Murgh Tikka
Delicious pieces of chicken marinated in spices and yoghurt, from the tandoor
# 24 Malai Tikka
Delicious chicken pieces with cheese and cream
# 25 Tandoori Gosht Ki Chap
Rack of lamb from the tandoori
# 26 Vegetarian Platter
Selection of paneer tikka, vegetable sheek kebabs and tandoori vegetables
# 27 Chicken Banjara
Chicken stuffed with cheese, dry fruits, spinach and mint
# 28 Audhi fish Tikka
Fresh white fish marinated with spices, gram 
flour and cream
# 29 Lahoori Jhinge Machali (Elefanta Favorite)
LObster with yougurt , chili and "Kasoori methi"
# 30 Galouti Seekh Kebab
Minced lamb in butter roasted flour and spices


# 40 Murg Tikka Masala
Chicken tikka masala
# 41 Gosht Korma
Creamy lamb curry with cashews
# 42 Shikandhari Raan
Delicious spicy roasted lamb leg
# 43 Murgh Nizami
Stuffed chicken breast with almonds and pistachio served in onion and tomatoe gravy
# 44 Murgh Makhani
Buttered chicken in a creamy spiced tomato sauce
#45 Prawn Kaldeen
Prawns marinated in rechado goan curry
# 46 Khana E Aazam
Stuffed chicken roll served with makhani
basil sauce
*Menu subject to change  
# 47 Fish molly
Kerla style roasted fish cooked in thick salty
coconout sauce
# 48 Prawns Kasundi
Prawns served with kasundi coconout sause


# 50 Paneer Makhani
Paneer cheese in almond and cashews sauce
# 51 Dum Aloo Vanarsi
Steemed potato cooked in tomato and cashew nut gravy
# 52 Punjabi Paneer Chop
Mint stuffed toasted paneer in "punjabi zaika"
# 53 Dal Makhani
Our special 24 hour slow cooked black lentils (you have to try it)
# 54 Paaner Tarkish
Traditional kashmiri paneer and potato curry
# 55 Subz Tawa
Assorted Vegetables Served with special "tawa" sauce (cloves and cumin)
# 56 Shaam Savera
Paneer Cheese and spinach dumplings enrinched with cream tomato mint sauce
#57 Nargisi Kofta
Stuffed vegetable dumplings served with saffron base, tomato and onion sauce


# 60 Tandoori Keema Naan 
Traditional bread baked on the hot wall of our tandoor oven stuffed with choice of cheese, onion or potatoe
# 61 Onion Kulcha  
Stuffed naan with onion coriander and chili
# 62 Creamy Cheese Naan
Lucknawi naan stuffed with cream cheese and mix dry fruits, raisins, green chili and ginger
# 63 Peshawari Nann  
coconout, paneer and alm


# 70 Vegetable Briyani
Mughali style vegetarian basmati rice
# 71 Dum Pukht Briyani
Slow cooked basmati rice with mix spices
# 72 Jeera Rice
Basmati rice slow cooked with whole cumin and butter


# 80 Kulfi 
A tradicional Indian ice cream of pistachios, almonds and saffron
# 81 Gulab Jamun 
Milk dumplings in sugar syrup with vanilla ice cream
# 82 Helado de / Ice cream 
Milk dumpling in sugar syrup with vanilla ice cream
# 83 Brownie
Home made brownie with coconut ice cream and chocolate syrup
# 91 star Thai
Special fried coconout ice cream in bread roll with chocolate syrup